Friday, January 14, 2011


by  Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle

Ummi claims that without her, BN is nothingPrime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has triumphed again with his impressive line-up of political adversaries to challenge Anwar on his behalf.
First is an outgoing Umno youth chief who scored a national first when he was rejected for a ministerial role. Second is Minister in the Prime minister’s department, Nazri Aziz whose greater ‘achievements’ was shouting the phrase “bloody racist” (or variants of it) 28 times in Parliament in 2005.
Last but not least, is the undischarged bankrupt Ummi Hafilda Ali, who appeared like a deus ex machina for BN. She considers herself a “true patriot” and claims to be able to single-handedly lead BN to victory.
Ummi Hafilda Ali, was a key witness in Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim’s first sodomy trial. She has been out of circulation for the past 13 years and her sudden appearance has prompted speculation that she is in financial difficulties.
Ummi has naturally, been misunderstood. She was upset that because of her absence in the 2008 elections, BN lost 5 states and performed dismally. She now hopes to make up for her absence.
She said, “In the 12th general election, when I did not take part in the campaign, you could see how arrogant Anwar was when spreading lies, because of his lies we lost five states to the opposition”.
“If I go around the country campaigning that will be the end of Anwar because I know his secrets,” she added.
Ummi may be short on policy but has tons of trivia that might appeal to the core of BN voters.
She states that the only reason for her sudden appearance is to actively campaign for BN in the next general election. She believes that her presence, will prevent a repeat of Election 2008 when the coalition lost its customary two-thirds parliamentary majority for the first time.
Others however, believe that Ummi suffers from sibling rivalry and cannot bear to see her older brother Azmin Ali, grab the limelight now that he is PKR’s deputy president. Her preferred strategy is to attack and besmirch the character of Anwar, her brother Azmin, and also her sister-in-law, Shamsidar.
She also claimed that Anwar and Shamsidar had an illegitimate child.
It is far easier to attack a defenceless child
She said, “You can compare the picture of this daughter with Azmin's other children.”
Ummi suffers from selective amnesia. Was she not informed that during the course of the trial, DNA tests proved that Azmin and Shamsidar were the biological parents of the child in question?
Ummi is perhaps smarting from accusations that she was responsible for straining ties within her own family and thus, is venting her frustrations on her niece.
Ummi knows better than most people that the Malaysian public love family feuds and scandals and that in her world, they would rather concentrate on personalities rather than policies.
That is why Najib did not have any reforms to unveil at the recent BN convention, unlike Pakatan Rakyat, with their detailed ‘10 point, 100 day-reforms plan’.
Ummi is naturally, saving her best for Anwar.
Ummi claimed that “If anyone is willing to invite me, I will go. Some may say Anwar is a great orator but I know he is afraid of me.”
Anwar’s underlying weakness is that he understands only too well the concerns of ordinary voters.
Najib is content with his line-up of people with a vast array of experience in primitive tribal politics.
On the other hand, Anwar has had to convince voters by relying on his ‘10-point, 100-day reforms plan’. This is the series of reforms which Pakatan hopes to adopt to effect a change in the complexion of Malaysian politics.
Anwar’s appeal is in how he addresses the concerns of the disenchanted people, whose hopes and dreams of a better Malaysia, he is desperate to tackle. Anwar has vowed to work on the positive aspects of governance and said that if Pakatan Rakyat were to form the next federal government, it would revamp critical institutions like the police, Election Commission, the Attorney-General's Chambers, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and also reward teachers with additional money.
On the other hand, Ummi has chosen a different tack. She hopes Anwar will succumb to fear

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